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Hi. My name is Jing and you're looking at Nana's Kollection. I'm 18 and im from New York City. I'm a crochet princess who owns a fancy shih tzu named Nana, three huge laundry bags of yarn at home and loves to crochet Amigurumis, also known as crochet stuffed doll or any other misc. crafty creations. My main goals are to launch my own etsy store, host my own tabling event at a con or craft fair, and to share my crafts with the crochet community and to inspire others. Some of the crochet dolls that I make are created from other people's patterns. Others are designed by me. I DO NOT take credit for unless otherwise stated. If i get more followers, I will post more free patterns of my Originals products. If you wish to order an item and happen to live in NYC, check out my Facebook. All Photography is taken by me. Any inquiries, email
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